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Contact Your Bank Before You Purchase Online

Contact Your Bank

Having sufficient credit in your account does not always guarantee that you will be able to purchase online and pay for your group travel booking. You can often avoid disappointment by phoning your bank and informing them that you intend to book and pay for a hotel online.

Your bank should already have a good understanding of your shopping habits and the places where you normally shop, however booking and paying for accommodation or flights might not be a regular occurence on your credit card or debit card. Therefore, a quick call to your card provider can often help to make the buying process much smoother.


What about Multiple Transactions for Multiple Hotel Bookings?

This is particularly important if your hotel has a low limit on the number of rooms you can book in a single transaction. For example, if your hotel has a booking limit of 5 rooms per transaction and you need to purchase a block booking reservation of 20 hotel rooms, then you will have to complete 4 separate online transactions.

This is when it can get very tricky, if not annoying, because you might find that the first transaction is 100% successful, only to discover that your bank will temporarily block your card, thus preventing you from completing the other transactions, even if they are for the exact same purchase value with the same travel site.

In summary, a quick phone call to your bank can mean that your account is flagged up to ensure the online bookings are not blocked and the sales transactions can go through smoothly.


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