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Know your Credit Limit and Check your Credit Balance

Know Your Credit Limit

Searching for the best hotel group booking deals and preparing the information to actually place your booking and complete your online transaction can be time-consuming.

The last thing you want to do is get all the way to the end of the online booking process, only to discover that you do not have enough credit to complete the hotel booking transaction. The fantastic hotel rate you have discovered today might not be available tomorrow, so you should consider checking your current credit status before you attempt to purchase online.



What is the Average Online Hotel Booking Transaction Value

Based on our own research, the average cost of a hotel booking is approximately:

  • USD $600.00.
  • GBP: £350.00.
  • EUR €440.00.

Based on the findings of the Adobe Digital Index report, the average cost of an online travel booking was approximately:

  • USD $1,000.00.
  • GBP: £600.00.
  • EUR €730.00.

In summary, it sounds obvious, but you can often save yourself time and effort by simply checking and confirming your current credit level before you attempt to book online.

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