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We provide telephone-only discount promo codes for Hotelopia. This exclusive promotion is only valid over-the-phone and you will deal with the call centre directly.


How to get 12% to 13% Discount on the Phone at Hotelopia

Hotelopia: SAVE 12% Quote "MONEYSAVER" Call: (+44) 208 138 3251. This is a guaranteed discount code of 12% and we provide 13% discount during special promotions.

Please consult your telephone operator for the cost of the call.

Hotelopia Customer Services Times
Monday-Friday, 9.00 am to 18.00 pm. (GMT+1).
Saturday, 09.00 am to 2.00 pm. (GMT+1).

UK calls: please dial 0208 138 3251.

International phone calls: if you are abroad, please dial (+44) 208 138 3251.



Phone Numbers - How To Get Help With Your Booking

If you have a query about any hotel booking or service, please contact the company handling your room booking. For help, phone numbers and assistance with hotels, please see the help contact links displayed on this web page.


OYO Hotels Phone Number

OYO Hotels Toll Free Phone Number Call 1844-BOOK-OYO

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<<< Toll free call 1844-BOOK-OYO and SAVE 35% over the phone

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