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Small Group Versus Large Group Hotel Bookings Online

When it comes to grouped accommodation bookings, broadly speaking there are:

The key determining factor is not necessarily the size of the grouping, but rather the online booking procedure to search, reserve and pay for the accommodation using the internet.


Small Group Holidays
With average group sizes of 12 people, if you are looking for a group adventure holiday, look no further than Explore Worldwide. Offering payment in multiple currencies (including USD, GBP, EUR, AUD and NZD), group tours and adventure trips are available in over 120 countries around the globe. You can explore cultures, landscapes, wildlife and communities from Asia to Africa, from the Arctic to the Americas.



Large Group Hotel Reservations
This category grouping deals with large and very large groups of 10-1,000 hotel rooms, where you can negotiate group rates and corporate discounts for extended stays.

Dealing with a large booking requires expertise, skills and resources and it can be managed through a specialist provider such as Hotel Planner. The entire process involves delegating and negotiating costs in order to get the best group rates and pay the lowest price.

This process deals with all types of rooms, including bedrooms of course, but also more advanced requirements such as meeting rooms, conference rooms, function rooms and banquet halls. Plus, you can also specify your requirements for event dining and catering.

Large Groups and How to Save Money
The key to success is to negotiate the best rate by getting quotes from competing hotels, declining bids (turning down unsuitable offers) and locking in the best deal. Plus, there are other factors to consider such as cash rebates and free rooms.



Small Group Hotel Reservations
Significantly smaller groups of 1-50 rooms, but more typically, a small group is considered to be 1-10 rooms.

This is a more conventional online booking service, whereby everything is presented in front of you on-screen and there is no negotiating and bidding process. In other words, we are talking about booking accommodation through a hotel website or a travel site, whereby you choose your own check-in dates and check-out dates, select the number of rooms you require, browse and select your destination, pay online using your payment card and finally receive a transaction confirmation into your email inbox.

Small Groups and How to Save Money
The key to success is to use discount coupon codes and online special offers. Without wishing to pour cold water on what has been set out above, group rates are not always the cheapest rates and very often you can save a lot of money by reserving directly with an official hotel website, or booking through a travel site.