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LMT Club Hotel Group Rate Discounts for Multiple Rooms

LMT Club Promo Code

You can book between 1 and 9 rooms in a single transaction at Last Minute Travel Club and we provide the best room rate discounts for groups, multiple rooms and events.

The Lowest Rates are Only Available to Club Members

Here at, all of our customers SAVE $50 each year and get FREE Lifetime Membership at Last Minute Travel Club through our exclusive promotion when you register and sign-up using the promo code 'MONEYSAVER'.

In a single online transaction, you can book the following at LMT Club:

  • Rooms: between 1 to 9 rooms.
  • Adults: between 1 to 4 adults.
  • Children: between 0 to 4 children.
  • Duration: up to 31 days.

If you prefer, you can reserve your booking by making lower value multiple transactions and you can also share this offer with other people travelling within your group.


Last Minute Travel Club

Last Minute Travel Club promo code offers will help you travel and see the world at the lowest prices.

Up To 31 Days - Extended Stay For Long Trips
Ideal for business travellers or long stay holidays, this promotional offer is valid for hotel visits lasting up to 31 days in a single booking at LMT Club. For a hotel stay lasting longer than 31 days, please book online using 2 transactions.

FREE Membership With Promo Code 'MONEYSAVER'

After you join, with just a click of a button you instantly gain instant access to 50,000+ hotels in over 5,900 major destinations, 16 cruise companies, and 175 airlines. You can book online, via the mobile app, or with a personal travel concierge over the phone.

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