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Are you searching for a new NN CODE for Núñez i Navarro Hotels in Barcelona? Here comes the code news because we have a discount NN CODE promo offer for multiple hotels located in the centre of Barcelona.

The hotel chain Núñez & Navarro currently manages 13 hotels and apartment units in Barcelona, located within the Catalonia region of Spain. The NN Hotels are located in the most popular quarters of the city such as the Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter or the Paseo de Gracia. They reach many different type of travellers, ideal for romantic getaways, business trips or family tourism.

This next 8% offer is valid for all seasons:


Núñez i Navarro Hotels Offer

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How Does It Work?

  • Please go to the home page of to get started.
  • Next, scroll down to bottom left corner of the home page.
  • Go to where it says:

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  • Please click the [SIGN ME UP!] button.
  • Simply enter your name and email address and then click the [SUBSCRIBE] button.
  • And that's it!
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  • Barcelona, here we come!




How to Add a Promo Code at Núñez i Navarro Hotels

  • To start, please visit the official NN Hotels website.

  • Select a hotel, choose an 'ARRIVAL' date, 'DEPARTURE' date.

  • Now enter or copy and paste a valid promo code in the space provided where it says [NN CODE].

  • Next, please click 'ONLINE BOOKING'.

  • And that's it! Now your booking will be reduced in accordance with your official discount offer.

  • Please remember to come back and visit this page again to get details of our latest NN CODES for the year ahead.





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Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain's Catalonia region, is well known for its art and architecture. Let's explore the latest code promo offer for the hotel properties and apartments:

  • Hotel 1898.
  • Seventy Barcelona.
  • Hotel Barcelona Universal.
  • U232 Hotel.
  • The Corner Hotel.
  • Hotel Jazz.
  • Hotel Europark.
  • B-Hotel.
  • Hotel REC Barcelona.
  • Hotel Soho Barcelona.
  • Hotel Granvía.
  • Hotel Paral•lel.
  • Midtown Apartments.


What is a Núñez & Navarro Hotels NN Code?

Español: Código de Descuento # Catalá: Codi de Descompte # Deutsch: Gutscheine Rabatt # Français: Code de Réduction # Italiano: Codice di Sconto.

Nice and simple, the NN CODE is this hotel's unique way of describing a discount code or a voucher coupon. When you sign-up and subscribe to Newsletter NN, you can look forward to receiving code offers throughout the year. Based on our experience, you can save up to 40% discount and you will get an instant 8% discount code when you sign-up and join the free newsletter service. Learn more and visit the official NN Hotels website today.



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