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You can book between 1 and 6 rooms in a single transaction at IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts and we provide the best room rates for groups, multiple rooms and events. Here at, our customers receive an online discount of 5% to 25%.

In a single online transaction, you can book the following accommodation:

  • Rooms: between 1 to 6 rooms.
  • Adults: between 1 to 6 adults.
  • Children: between 0 to 3 children per room.
  • Duration: flexible long stay.

If you prefer, you can reserve your booking by making lower value multiple transactions and you can also share this offer with other people travelling within your group.



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Extended Stay Trips

Most hotel booking sites will only allow you to book accommodation for trips lasting between 1 night and 30 nights. However, the good news is that Iberostar will allow you and your guests to book a long duration holiday. When you place your booking, simply select your check-in dates and check-out dates, and choose the exact number of days you require at the hotel or resort of your choice.


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LATEST >>> Hotels & Beach Resorts Offers <<< LATEST an option to the above discount coupon, when you reach the official home page, go to 'Offers' (top, middle of the screen) for the latest special promotions at worldwide vacation resort destinations.



Iberostar Reviews Hotel Guests at Beach Resorts

Each time you click through to the resort accommodation at the official website, you can read guest reviews from customers who have already used the accommodation, guest services and facilities.

There is a 5 star rating system (which is actually based on combined score ratings from 0 to 10) and the customer comments provide feedback on everything you would expect, including the rooms, cleanliness, restaurants, facilities, location, sleep quality and value for money.

From time-to-time, customers will also provide feedback about the suitability of the resort for travelling solo, couples in partnership, families or business use.


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Discount Range

Let's review the current promotional range:

>> 5% >> 10% >> 15% >> 20% >> 25% >> 30% >> 35% >> 40% >> 45% >> 50%

>>55% >> 60% >> 65% >> 70% >> 75% >> 80% >> 85% >> 90% >> 95% >> 100%.



Multi-currency, a large number of global currencies are supported. Depending on which destination country you select, you can see your price in a number of major global currencies, which can include:

CAD: Canadian Dollars.
EUR: Euros.
GBP: British Pounds.
USD: US Dollars.
CHF: Swiss Franc.
MAD: Moroccan Dirham.
TND: Tunisian Dinar.
HUF: Hungarian Forint.
CVE: Cape Verdean Escudo.
DOP: Dominican Republic Peso.
BRL: Brazilian Real.
JMD: Jamaican Dollar.
MXN: Mexican Peso.
CRC: Costa Rican Colon.
HRK: Croatian Kuna.
TRY: Turkish Lira.

Currency conversion is approximate and taxes are included.

Plus, a currency converter is provided at the top of the screen and it can convert an even larger selection of leading global currencies.


Website Language:

Multilingual site service:

  • English.
  • Français.
  • Español.
  • Deutsch.
  • Italiano.
  • Português.
  • Russian.

Promotionscode # Código promocional # Code Promotionnel # Codice Promozionale.

Offering more than 100 summer and winter vacation resorts in 16 countries worldwide at IBEROSTAR online at the official website.



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