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Planning a vacation can be overwhelming, but ExtraHolidays has created a website packed with expert recommendations and insider tips to help make it easier. A team of travel experts has visited every destination featured on the website, so recommendations are based on first-hand experience. From the best restaurants and activities to the most comfortable accommodations, has it all covered.


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Who owns and how does it work? is a popular online travel site that specializes in offering affordable vacation packages and deals to travellers across the world, particularly to customers who live in the USA and across North America. Who is the owner? The vacation booking website and business operations are owned by Wyndham Destinations and the company has a portfolio of 20 vacation ownership brands, which include WorldMark, Club Wyndham, and Margaritaville Vacation Club, among others. Wyndham Destinations is a publicly traded company that operates in over 110 countries and serves more than 4 million owners and members. takes pride in offering a diverse range of destinations to suit all kinds of travellers. Whether it's a relaxing beach vacation, an action-packed ski trip, or a cultural city break vacation, the website has something for everyone. Detailed guides on destinations across the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean make it easy to find the perfect spot for your next vacation.


Difference between and

Apart from the room rate prices, they are two different websites that offer different services. Extra Holidays is focused on vacation rentals, whereas Wyndham is focused on traditional hotel bookings.

Extra Holidays focuses on providing vacation rentals in popular vacation destinations such as Hawaii, Florida, California, and beyond. On the other hand, Wyndham Hotels is a hospitality company that operates a portfolio of hotel brands across the world and its website allows users to book hotel rooms at different locations around the world - and most importantly, it is not limited to resort hotels and vacation destinations.


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Booking a vacation at Extra Holidays is simple and easy, and remember you can SAVE 15% to 20% discount through our exclusive promo offers above. This travel site is the ultimate destination for planning the perfect vacation and you can search for destinations, compare prices, and book accommodation with just a few clicks. Don't wait, start planning your next travel adventure today with



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