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Are you searching for BLUEBAY promo codes in 2020? Do you want to book accommodation at BLUEBAY Hotels & Resorts at a reduced price? Today we show you how to save money and get the best discount offer for booking rooms and suites at

OK, let's go through this. We have a new discount code and you can get a price reduction up to 60% at selected hotels. Please read on to learn more:


Bluebay Hotels & Resorts SAVE 5% to 60% - See Below:


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Bluebay Promo Code 


Now let's explain how to use the code:

  • You can enter the code on the home page or hotel search page.

  • Or, you can enter the code on each resort detail page, when you click: 'BOOK NOW'.

  • After you enter the code ######## shown above, please note the discounted room rates will appear in the search results.

  • This offer above cannot be used together with other promotions.

  • This offer is not valid for Le Royal y L'Heritage hotels.



Bluebay Hotels & Resorts SAVE Up To 60% - See Below:

Now let's explore the worldwide discount offers ranging from 5% to 60%: 

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Bluebay Hotel and Resorts  


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  • EUR: Euros.
  • Plus many other international currencies.

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