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BlueBay Hotels and Resorts

BlueBay Hotels is an international hotel chain comprised of 62 hotels (Alandalus Management Hotels and members) located in 42 different destinations across 16 countries worldwide.

Are you searching for BLUEBAY promo codes? Do you want to book accommodation at BLUEBAY Hotels & Resorts at a reduced price? Today we show you how to save money and get the best discount offer for booking rooms and suites at


OK, let's go through this. We have a new promotion and you can get a price reduction up to 60% at selected hotels. Please read on to learn more:


Bluebay Hotels & Resorts PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT

Let's view this new promotion for all seasons. Please note this offer provides an additional discount on top of best deal available at the official website:

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Bluebay Promotional Code 




Bluebay Hotel and Resorts




How to Add Promotional Codes at

Now let's explain how to use the code:

  • As a starting point, please visit the official website as normal:
  • You can enter the code on the home page or hotel search page.
  • Or, you can enter the code on each resort detail page, when you click: 'BOOK NOW'.
  • After you enter a valid code, please note the discounted room rates will appear in the search results.



Bluebay Hotels & Resorts SAVE Up To 60% - See Below:

Now let's explore the worldwide discount offers ranging from 5% to 60%: 

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Bluebay Hotel and Resorts  




View your reservation booking in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds or Euros (other currencies offered); and then checkout and pay using US Dollars or Euros if you prefer.

A multi-currency converter is provided and a large number of global currencies are supported, including:

  • AUD: Australian Dollars.
  • CAD: Canadian Dollars.
  • RUB: Russian Rouble.
  • GBP: British Pounds.
  • EUR: Euros.
  • Plus many other international currencies.

Website Language:

Multilingual international sites:

  • English: (EN).
  • Français: Code Promotionnel (FR).
  • Español: Código Promocional (ES).
  • Deutsch: Gutscheincode (DE).
  • Russian: (RU).

International: hotels are located worldwide.

Find out more at the official site:



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